Complete the first kiss to the necessary groundwork will make a lot of behavior is particularly meaningful, kissing is no exception. In the novel “gone with the wind”, if Bai Ruide is the first kiss Scarlett, the audience will not be so concerned about their subsequent emotional development. We like to see both sides of… Read More

Female chimps kiss mate choice Koko Keke is a lowland female. She was born in 1971, and she was a language experiment. This experiment is the longest continuous non human experiment. Dr. Penny Patterson taught her more than 1000 kinds of gestures and she could understand the pronunciation of some 2000 English words. In her… Read More

Small animal will kiss to courtship In addition to the gorilla, there are many other animals will kiss. In fact, not only to express their love by the human kiss, animals will also use the way to get a kiss to get each other’s feelings. And, of course, it is a very difficult thing to… Read More

  With all the love and kiss, swept the world Everyone has their own different nationalities, cultural background. Regardless of how big the custom has the difference, the pursuit of the dream of love is the same. However, in how to express love, but The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, is all kinds of… Read More

  From ancient India kiss, lingering sentiments At last, there is a strong voice of buzz in the history of the corridor as: it is almost impossible to suppress the kiss. For thousands of years, kiss had been taunting of the conservative thinkers, they regarded as nausea, corruption, utter dirty even worse behavior. The bishop… Read More