Wonderful Coolidge effect” A novel experience can make dopamine surge. This could lead to the so-called “Coolidge effect””. Coolidge effect. The sex appeal will fall over time in a relationship.. Coolidge effect. Because in the America ‘President Calvin Coolidge during his tenure (1923 to 1929) a memorable anecdote happened named. Story is visit government farm… Read More

Kissing is the best way to stop all the words. According to incomplete statistics, in love, the man pursues the proportion of women in the pursuit of a woman’s pursuit of men, especially in the Oriental nation. In fact, in the process of love. In the middle of the kiss, it’s time for a man… Read More

The subconscious will help us make the right decisions Undeniable, women through kissing to judge whether the other side is their destiny, the process is somewhat mysterious. The reason for this is because it involves the subconscious. In other words, women are more sensitive than men by their own intuition, more sensitive sense of smell… Read More

Kissing is the signature of a man. Man kissing to eventually share their favorite woman, after the success of the first kiss, men of the idea more strongly. Men don’t have a high demand for kissing. Men and women need to check the annual physical examination of different items, the shape of the bicycle seat… Read More