Happiness is a kind of fate. I do not know when, happiness for me is so easy to slip out of a word, it has become a synonym for me now. Ever since I met my lover, I feel that happiness can be so simple, will not make you hard to wait, do not wait… Read More

  12 the best time to kiss Kissing is one of the ways in which love and love to be loved by a woman. What is the best time to kiss, and what is the best time to kiss the girl in 12. Aries Aries female is a god like sister paper, the weakening of… Read More

Women like a man with a pleasant smell. For kissing, sloppy or breath is not fresh such factors undoubtedly can ruin the original sweet moment, instead, each other’s natural scent can often give us the most profound impression. Throughout the world, people can describe lovers, friends, children, and friends as “pleasant”, while they are completely… Read More

The man with a kiss to conquer woman 2 Until now, sexy lips can still provoke the men’s interest, many women are eager and even desperate to have Anngelina Jolie as the lips. In the United States, 75%~85% women use lipstick. Not only that, we have a crush on lipstick to achieve the ultimate. We… Read More

men and women who were conquered by kissing (1) “what makes people’s lips stick together?” What makes the birds sing, the snow melts, the rose blossoms, and the dawn of the sun shines in the forest? It’s a kiss, it explains everything.” — Victor Hugo In the world of a man and a woman, both… Read More

See others kissing, they would itch for a try Perhaps most important, when we kiss, the facial features are all too busy to convey information to the brain. Millions of slim nerve in operation, they send a signal, and the signal is sent to all parts of the body. Eventually, these signals are called in… Read More