Discover the amazing secret behind kissing
The men and women in love have tasted the sweetness of kiss. However, enjoy the moments of joy in thousands of couples, there are a few people can understand the secrets of kissing?
If I tell you that it is a kiss, and that a man and a woman’s feelings are very different, would you be surprised?
If I tell you, men and women kissing. Not only is emotional development to a certain stage of success will come when conditions are ripe, it is a combination of both sides of like-minded, would you believe that Nick?
If you are a woman, if I tell you that your boyfriend and you kiss is to conquer you and take you, you will be surprised?
If you are a male, if I tell you, your girlfriend and you kiss is to determine whether you can hand in life partner, you will continue to contact with her?
These views, is not a joke serious curry favour by claptrap gimmick, but the conclusion of scientific research. In other words, these “if” are the results of scientific research to the real conclusion.
As we all know, the kiss is the most important way of communication. When the language is poor and weak, it is a silent language, and it takes on the task of conveying the deepest feelings.
Kisses have countless meanings, can cause a variety of resonance, it is likely to be a symbol of love and lust, it may just be a routine greeting between relatives and friends. For many people, it is with our life, is that we are born to earth the first experience, often appear at the moment we finally died. Some kiss forever treasure in our brain and heart Jiong, become deep our life brand, and some kiss is twinkling of an eye that is forgotten. At all times and in all over the world, kiss always belongs to the people living in the most important activities, unfortunately, kiss of true nature has often been overlooked in the.
Decades ago, anthropologists have estimated that people will kiss in more than 90% of the global culture. The Golden Globe and influence of the Internet, at the same time, the global travel has become more convenient. That number may still continue to grow. Even those traditional partners not kiss each other in society, people will often have similar moves such as mutual licking or nibble face and body. In view of the kiss in the history of mankind has left an indelible mark, why we are not from the perspective of as many as possible to its more in-depth exploration?
I started writing this book in 2008. The week before Valentine’s day, I wrote a section, published in the “discovery” magazine web site, is surprisingly ya, my article on the Internet is widely spread, the readership soaring. Then a few days, thousands of people come to visit, the overwhelming question into our mailbox. This situation lasted for a long time.
At the same time, I have studied a lot of books, and I want to see what’s written in it. At the beginning of the harvest is not a lot: for me more and more questions, the Standard Guide to the less than the manual. I would like to find some practical explanations for the causes of human kiss, and the reaction of the body, and to know the implications of these explanations for the relationship between men and women. So I started interviewing experts, reading the scientific literature, and collecting all kinds of theories. In these theories, there are some chemical interactions that emphasize the role of kissing, they can help people decide whether to find the right partner. Some are trying to study human ancestor’s needs and preferences, to reveal the origin of the kiss.
As the research continues, the situation of different subject areas began to converge. Trying to understand the brain mechanisms of neuroscientists, want to know the endocrinologist to kiss when the change in hormone research results. While the endocrine scientists asked me, what is the view of the human being of the other primates, such as the gorilla and the dwarf. Anthropologists wondered what is found for the body reaction physiologist while kissing.
When I was on a laptop computer to check the skills or historical information about kissing, there were always a stranger to cast a curious look, sometimes they look at the basis of some blame. But I did not affect their own exploration, I also found that countless scientific basis for the error message has been popular for many years. So, I started to explore more deeply, and it made me into a number of very strange areas: for example, I have been interviewed by the engineer of the robot, but also in the laboratory to observe my own brain.
When I really started to write the book, I to San Francisco saw there was a book signing Mary – roach, the science and the wonderful coupling “author. She tells her out of the difficult process of similar embarrassing situations, which makes me feel a sense of relief, I feel encouraged. The accomplishments of the pioneers such as Kinsey William, Master Alfred, and others have inspired me to keep moving forward.
In this way, I take an open mind and a lot of new ideas on the kiss of the exploration of the journey, I on the journey of the harvest far beyond my imagination.
At the beginning of this article that a few “if” had let me feel surprised, I can not think of ordinary day in the kiss unexpectedly hidden so many amazing secret. These secrets make us excited, so that we may change the aftertaste of our emotions, and then change our life.

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