The meeting of lips may feel harmonious, but it isn’t. Men are always pushing to make kisses sloppier, while women always want to keep at them long after the show’s over. And kissing style isn’t the only point of contrast: In light of recent findings by psychologists, a kiss shared between a man and a… Read More

It turns out that we are only mortals world traveler   We mortals world traveler, sanshengshi above is engraved with the fate of trace alone and not with me, fate is on why so many people seek, with the conversion of rings, alternate time River flows, is changing the life of regret? Has life changed?… Read More

The distance the heartache in the world The farthest in the world is not the end, not the Cape, is the distance between hearts. When the two once close to the heart no longer feeling the warmth, love came toan end. If you have 1000 reasons to give up, but has only one reason to… Read More

Lean over to kiss my baby   Time slip through your fingers, before on and youth is gone, but gradually. From ignorant girls of today enjoy a special position of the mother, went through a lot, feeling a lot. It was an era of much confusion, I created a new family, from the beginning of… Read More

Art of love Love is a kind of art? If love is a form of art, it requires people to have this knowledge and effort. Or love is just an incidental to the pleasant feel Dang Shen Yi, only the lucky ones can “into a“ love in love? The booklet based on the first hypothesis,… Read More

The art of kissing   In this text there is some interest, but yibi is not good, especially those who intent to lose real meaning of the verse. You might as well kiss that I personally experiencethe art to talk about it. It is a pity that people kiss or even a line of, but… Read More

Art of kiss Auguste Rodin’s sculpture “the kiss” is best known for his sculpture of, it depicts the carnal man love but conflicting and controversial history of the sculpture. Auguste Rodin Memorial marble statue is carnal love is best known for one of the statues, the statue naked lovers affection leisurely, a simple name “the… Read More

This guy since I was born, you do not have enough to eat, catch up with the age ofmost Chinese are hungry to death. During dinner, he ate his share, watch people Bowl wailing cry. Openly Rob the cousin of that food in the bowl, grab my tears flow. That is the spring of 1960,… Read More

People who walk through your life   Reminiscent of the first love, the man smiles a lot.   Recalls her first love, a woman tears more.   Compared to men, women are more obsessed with love, ““.   Although, kinky, and act of love.   For love, sensual is painful.   Because the feeling of… Read More

And nice guys rub shoulders Many women tell men’s last words are: you are really good … … So after hearing the sentence, man‘s heart froze: out, out of the question. Everyone knows. When a woman says “you‘re bad“ means that she intends to accept his quest. When a woman says “good for you“, meant… Read More